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How Keep your Social Security Card and Getting a Replacement

Your social security number is an important document as it helps you get almost everything from a place to live to credit. It is, therefore, one of the most valuable things you have. Unfortunately, the social security card is something that can get lost easily. This means, it ever goes missing and you need to be proactive to deal with the consequences.

Ways to Take Care of your Social Security Card

Do not Carry it Around

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Most people nowadays do not do this. You should never have the social security card in your wallet or pocket. In case you have to carry your card for any reason, ensure it is well hidden. Also, carry it only for a short period and avoid storing it in your wallet at all.

Have a Secure Storage Space

You ideally should have a place for keeping documentation in case of an emergency or disaster. It is in your best interest to store any personal and identifying documents there always. This protects your identity even when you are not facing any imminent danger. A secure place can be something such as a fireproof safe or a deposit box at the local bank. Wherever you choose to store it, ensure you can retrieve your card whenever you need it.

Avoid Sharing your Card

While sharing your social security number may be unavoidable, you need to avoid sharing the card and use other forms of identification. For instance, although employment requires a lot of verification, you can choose to use other documents other than the social security card like the passport for the verification process. When you hand somebody your social security card, you risk it being lost or photocopied which can lead to problems down the line.

What to do When you Lose your Card

online applicationIf you lose your social security card, the easiest way to apply for a replacement card is online. The online social security card application process has been rolling out since 2015, and today it is available in most of the states. When applying for a social security card replacement online, your citizenship has to be verified through your records with the social security. Also, you must have a mySocialSecurity online account, a state-issued identification, and a US mailing address. You then need to fill in the online application form.

The social security then compares your identifying information like your name and date of birth with its records. It also verifies your state-issued identification. With this process, you are sure to get a social security card replacement quickly.…