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How Keep your Social Security Card and Getting a Replacement

Your social security number is an important document as it helps you get almost everything from a place to live to credit. It is, therefore, one of the most valuable things you have. Unfortunately, the social security card is something that can get lost easily. This means, it ever goes missing and you need to be proactive to deal with the consequences.

Ways to Take Care of your Social Security Card

Do not Carry it Around

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Most people nowadays do not do this. You should never have the social security card in your wallet or pocket. In case you have to carry your card for any reason, ensure it is well hidden. Also, carry it only for a short period and avoid storing it in your wallet at all.

Have a Secure Storage Space

You ideally should have a place for keeping documentation in case of an emergency or disaster. It is in your best interest to store any personal and identifying documents there always. This protects your identity even when you are not facing any imminent danger. A secure place can be something such as a fireproof safe or a deposit box at the local bank. Wherever you choose to store it, ensure you can retrieve your card whenever you need it.

Avoid Sharing your Card

While sharing your social security number may be unavoidable, you need to avoid sharing the card and use other forms of identification. For instance, although employment requires a lot of verification, you can choose to use other documents other than the social security card like the passport for the verification process. When you hand somebody your social security card, you risk it being lost or photocopied which can lead to problems down the line.

What to do When you Lose your Card

online applicationIf you lose your social security card, the easiest way to apply for a replacement card is online. The online social security card application process has been rolling out since 2015, and today it is available in most of the states. When applying for a social security card replacement online, your citizenship has to be verified through your records with the social security. Also, you must have a mySocialSecurity online account, a state-issued identification, and a US mailing address. You then need to fill in the online application form.

The social security then compares your identifying information like your name and date of birth with its records. It also verifies your state-issued identification. With this process, you are sure to get a social security card replacement quickly.…

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Three Steps to Choose the Right Private Health Insurance

Health insurance is vital to our welfare. Medical costs are forever raising, and we never know what illnesses will catch us off guard. According to Business Insider, the average expense of a hospital stay is $10,700. Imagine you being in need of immediate medical attention, and you have to spend that amount of money before you can get the treatment.

Health care industry is skyrocketing. And the extreme example of the impact is the patient-dumping practice. When a hospital perceives a patient as incapable of paying, they dump him/her right away. We certainly do not want such a misfortune to happen to us. And by know, you may have understood how concerning a medical expense can be, and how vital health premium is to our prosperity.

And in this case, we will discuss specifically the private health insurance, and how to choose for the right one.

Evaluating the Doctor List

surgeonsWhen we own a private insurance premium, we can pick the doctors by ourselves. It is a facility that the universal health care system cannot provide. And although it may sound trivial, we can heal faster if we feel comfortable with the doctors who treat us.

Before you buy a health premium, you should check their doctor list and see if they have ever treated you. This feature will be strongly beneficial if you are in need of a surgical procedure. Not all surgeons can achieve satisfying results. And thus, it is better to stick with a decision that fits with your feeling and trust.

Examining the Hospital Cover

Private health insurance premiums offer you many options of hospital cover. There are four primary categories: top, medium, basic, and public hospital cover. The top protects you against all expenses of medical services. The medium has some restrictions on services, such as birth-related services, hip replacements, dialysis, and eye lens procedures. The basic has the least facilities compared to the top and medium. And for the public hospital cover, it means that the insurance will be usable in public hospitals only.

Evaluating the General Treatment Cover

ambulancesState-sponsored insurance does not include general treatment cover. And only private insurance does. It might be a way for the government to appeal to the citizens to purchase more private health insurance premiums. And by doing so, the government prevents the state-sponsored health insurance from overloading.

Different policies will grant you different general treatment covers. But here are the most typical ones: dental treatment, podiatry, physiotherapy, speech and eye therapy, glasses, contact lenses, and prostheses. Think of your behaviors and the environment of your workplace. List the most frequently happening accidents, and use it as the foundation for choosing the general treatment covers.…